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Extreme sports

Expedition on Quads

An unforgettable adventure on quads at your fingertips. Possibility to learn driving in the field, visiting the most interesting places, including the Darżlubska Forest, Mechowskie Caves, Puck Bay.


Parasailing is a parachute flying on the rope haul by a quad. Parasailing is the safest form of flying, available to everyone without complicated training and tedious exercises. 5 minutes and you are already flying!

Segway expedition

The Segway is treated like a marching man, so anywhere you can ente on footr, you can also take the Segway. Beach ride is a great experience. Only the Segway will give you such an exciting journey, quickly, easily and in an exclusive way.


The true emotion of the battle field without real blood- Paintball. It's not laser and every hit you will feel on your own skin and that is the main advantage of PB. Tactics, cleverness and teamwork can save you from wounds on the battlefield.

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