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Gniewino municipality

About Gniewino Commune

Gniewino Commune is placed in the Northern part of Pomeranian voivodeship, in the Wejherowo County. The area, that is 176 km2 large, is the part of the extremely picturesque Kashubian Seashore. The small distance from the Baltic shore (only 4 km from the Commune's northern border), richness and beauty of the local forests, and also the wonderful landscapes of the Lakes: Żarnowieckie, Salińskie, Dąbrze, Czarne, Choczewskie - these are the features, which tempt everyone, who wants to visit the quiet clean and calm place.

The Open Air Museum in Nadole

Construction of Nuclear Power Plant Zarnowiec contributed to establishing in Nadole village a small museum. In 1982. Museum of the Puck bought from Rutz family and secured a traditional nineteenth-century Kashubian cottage. Preserved cottage belonged to moderately wealthy host (gbor) is a is well equipped and shows conditions of life and work of the former Kashubian family.

The Complex „Kaszubskie Oko”/Kashubian Eye in Gniewino

The Complex Kashubian Eye in Gniewino was founded in 2006. It was initiative of local authorities from Gniewino. The architecture of the complex is planned in the form of an eye. Its main element is a pupil - Viewing Tower, mound on which stands the tower and the flower beds are the iris of the eye, while the wooden pergolas symbolize outline eyelashes.

Gniewino Sports Center

It is located near Zarnowiec Lake. It consist of hotel, restaurant and several sport fields. National Football Team of Spain has chosen the Center Base Camp in Gniewino as their preparatory base for Euro 2012. The Spaniards became European Champions during this event.

The indoor swimming pool

In Gniewino itself there is an indoor swimming pool together with slides and a spa complex (a finish sauna, jacuzzi and solarium). There is also a place for kids at the swimming pool, so the whole object is well prepared for families. It is also fully adapted for use of the disabled.

Gbur homestead

One of the attractions of the village Nadole is restored 'gbur homestead' from 19th century with multigenerational Kashubian hut and adjacent building. Extremely interesting form of contact with North Cashubian culture which is still alive is 'Meeting with ethnography' and workshops (e.g. bread baking).

The tourist recreational complex Kaszubskie Oko (Kashubian Eye)

A real tourist pearl not only for the commune, but also for the whole region, is the tourist recreational complex Kaszubskie Oko (Kashubian Eye), with the outlook tower in Gniewino. The 44m high tower is the center of the eye-shaped complex, which can be seen from the top of the tower, accessed by lift or the 212 steps. From the tower platform one can see the beauty of the local area, and also the upper water tank of the Polands largest Water Power Plant, and also the Żarnowieckie Lake, windmills, and the Baltic Seashore.

Gniewino Sports Center

Gniewino Commune is also a sports and recreational center, the heart of it being the modern LA stadium with an all-weather running track, covered with tartan surface, and also with the tribune for the 1050 spectators. The other facilities of the stadium are the training fields (artificial and natural) and the tennis court with its infrastructure. The whole object is lit, which allows to organize trainings and matches during the evenings.

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