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Hel - where Poland begins

Hel is the most maritime town of Polish towns. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea from three sides it makes a perfect place to spend the Summer holidays or at least pay a short visit. First written mentions of a settlement come from the XII  century. Already then it was populated by fishermen and their lives were subordinated to the sea. Along the centuries alternately gained, or lost significance. A special page of history was written by Hel in September 1939 – it was the longest- fighting point of resistance against Germans. Ironically, it was also the last Polish town to be liberated on 10th of May 1945 - two days after Germany surrendered.


Today Hel is a health resort. From Spring to Autumn, and in some cases, all year long, accomodation in cosy guesthouses or private quarters await the guests. The main artery of the town, Wiejska Street, thrives with life all Summer. Here you can find all the things necessary to make up perfect holidays: restaurants worth visiting to have a bite of fish, bars, cafes, pizzeris and other culinary facilites, banks, a post office and souvenir stands. From Wiejska street we can enter the harbor directly from where water trams depart several times a day, providing a quick and affordable connection to Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot. Right next to the harbor is a sealarium - a facility unique at an European scale. The history of these lands and fishery can be explored during a visit to the post-protestant Peter nd Paul's church - today the Museum of Fishery.

Three beaches are located almost in the heart of the city, next to the harbor from the side of the bay; on the cape and from the side of the open sea. No need to mention that they are clean, guardd, and like all the beaches at the Balic coast - plain beautiful!.