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Tourist attractions


Tourist attractions of the Northern Kashubia

My journey to Norda


My journey to Norda (Northern Kashubia), as Kashubian people call it, began in Hel. I will remember for long the light breeze bringing the characteristic smell of the sea. I set off from Gdynia on a water taxi, taking my bike with me. In Hel I visited the seal sanctuary, the Museum of Fishery and I also ate fresh fish in Wiejska street. The food was delicious, so I regretted that I could not eat more to satisfy my hunger for the future. After lunch, there was time for physical activity, so I sat on my bike and there I went. The path from Hel to Jastarnia is just fantastic. I guess there is no other path equally charming: its part goes through the forest, then by the water, along the Puck Valley. In Jastarnia, I stopped by the port full of boats, sailing boats and fishing boats. I also had aromatic coffee in Jastarnia, which is mecca of the famous and the rich.

Wejherowo poviat


Wejherowo poviat is located in the very heart of the Northern Kashubia. It is a charming lake land full of wild sea beaches, moraine hills, winding streams, lush forests and green meadows. Among the beautiful pieces of nature – there are great works of man, the objects that are worth visiting. Tourists willingly come back to such places. The Wejherow o land owes its uniqueness to original and varied architectural monuments. Here you can find the unique objects that are hard to find elsewhere. They include: Poland’s largest pumped storage - Żarnowiec, Kashubian Eye tourist complex with an observation tower, the largest Polish cactus house or ostrich farm. Exploration of this region is easier thanks to walking and biking, nordic walking, horse riding and canoe rentals, very good communication and well-developed tourist base.

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