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Canoe rafting is an ideal form of relaxation for those who like to swim along the calm river stream or to feel more excitement on more demanding routes. Nature views accompanying such an expedition can delight many people who want to be in the open air. It is best to go on kayak trips to places specially adapted for this unforgettable adventure. On Norda you can swim on the rivers like Piaśnica or Reda. Here You will experience the charms of Lakes: Żarnowieckie or Dobre.




For whom?


The river flows from Żarnowieckie Lake and runs through the nature reserve Piaśnickie Meadows protecting the vegetation and animals, its qualities should satisfy all participants of the raft. Shallow waters of the river allows observation of its underwater world, in the peaceful waters of the Piaśnica there are fish such as zander, perch and pike, even mussels and races can be observed. At the end, the river flows into the Baltic Sea in Debki. This route is aimed at those who are just beginning their kayak adventure. The rafts are organized for families, organized groups and companies. They last until the end of August and take place between 10.30 and 14.40, the collection site is located in Dębki pumping station - a lock on Lake Żarnowiec neat the road 213 between Wierzchucino and Żarnowiec. After the rafting, the organizers provide a return to the starting place. More details can be found at or by calling +48 696 009 423.


Time and length of the raft


The rafting route on the Piaśnica river, which is organized by the company Kayak Meandry is short - it is about 7 km and it takes about 3 hours.




For whom?


This river is already for more experienced kayaks fans. The spring of this river is located in Strzebielin and goes to Puck Bay. Its length is 51 km. We will be able to observe such attractions as the ostrich farm in Kniewo or the cross devoted to the victims of the sea in Rewa.


Time and length of the raft


Here in kayaks you can spend up to two days, however “” organize shorter rafts. Costs of rafts vary from 25 to 40 zł, depending on the number of people per canoe and the length of the raft. More information can be found at, another company that organizes rafting on this river is "Wiosło", the price depends on the difficulty of the section, more information on the site or contact by phone: +48 697 611 797





The lake is surrounded by the Darżlubska Forest. In the middle of the reservoir there is a small island covered with trees. The depth of the lake reaches up to 6 meters. It is ideal for fishing: perch, eel and carp can be caught here. Nearby there is a camping site with kayak rentals, water bikes and boats. The area around the lake is perfect for walks, there are two walking routes: the green Darzlubska Forest (Wejherowo-Krokowa) and the Black Mechowskie Caves (Puck-Krokowa).




For those who want to admire the charms of Żarnowieckie Lake as well as nearby towns, the perfect solution is to take advantage of the marinas in Lubkowo, Brzyno or Nadole.




In Lubkowo there are two piers, the first Lubkowo - village is located by the lake and offers rental of water bikes or sailing boats “PUCK” or “OPTYMIST” class. At the beginning of August there are sailing regattas here. Courses of the yacht sailing may be arranged here. The harbor is open from 11am to 7pm.

The second pier is located at the Social Welfare House and is equipped with a guarded swimming pool and pier, where you can also rent water bicycles. The harbor is open throughout the holiday season from 10am to 7pm.




In Brzyno the marina is open from 11am to 7pm. As in Lubkowo, there is a possibility to rent water bicycles and sailing boats and there is an instructor waiting for us to take a PUCK boat.




Other attractions are located in Nadole. Here you can go on a cruise by the boat “Nadolanin”. It departs every weekend at 12 and 2pm. The price of a normal ticket is 15 zł, and for children it is 11 zł. The tourists can rent a boat on their own, take a rest on the lake by fishing or speed on motor boats.




Marina in Swarzewo Offers rental equipment such as kayak, water bike and if you want to swim intensely, then there is a rowing boat available. It is open from Monday to Sunday in July and August from 10am to 6pm.