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If you are dreaming of exploring sunken treasure or want to see the underwater world of the Baltic Sea, then diving in Northern Kashubia is the perfect way to fulfill those dreams. How many times have we envied people who have possibility to explore unseen riches? Descent into the water is an experience that will provide us with memories for years to come, as we just come to the sea to see its bottom in the company of fish and sunken ships.


Where to go?




In Wladyslawowo Expedition Dive Team is based. It has a wide offer of dive training for children, beginners and professional divers, the most popular Open Water Diver course that provides basic knowledge lasts four days. In addition, the company invites you to discover wrecks on the Baltic. You can admire such ships as the Danish freighter Christa built in 1939 or submarine ORP Kujawiak from 1949. For more information on expeditions and courses, visit or call 601 206 555.




The company that offers diving in the Baltic waters is the “Dive Base Hel”. Here you can also learn about wreck diving. There is also a chance to organize occasional or integration events. We can also go on a boat “Kwazar” for a cruise. The cruise lasts from one to five days, up to twelve people can be taken. Organizers are available: +48 604 294 009 or

The second company is “Diving Baltic”. After the training has been completed, it is possible to obtain a certificate which price depends on the course type. After completion of the basic training, the trainee may rent the equipment at half the price. The company also offers wrecks visits at the sea and the Puck Bay. Website and phone number to the company:, tel. 504 062 955.

The next diving company is “Dive Land”. Here, in addition to learning diving, cruises to the wrecks, we can buy diving equipment and professionals will be able to take part in technical diving courses that improve their knowledge of diving, such as NITROX DECO or TEC TECO Diver. The base is open every day during the whole summer of 9 am-7 pm. Website and phone:, +48 794 000 470.




The "Hel" dive base is located in the port. The company offers mainly trips to sunken ships and beginner training, leading them in groups of four. In addition, it offers workshops to improve the techniques and skills of the diver. In addition to diving, you can take a cruise on the Hel Peninsula, see the presidential residence from the bay, and a sonar image of wrecks. You will find out more by calling: 602 22 34 30 or 604 777 383.


Wrecks in the Baltic Sea


Attractive diving spots to visit wrecks are listed here: