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Surroundings of Puck

01. Military railway line Puck-Hel

In 1919-1921 the Polish Army was at war with the Red Army invading the eastern borderlands. Bolshevik offensive of the summer 1920 posed a threat to the existence of the state of Poland, and put the entire Europe on the verge of a „red deluge”. It was only France and Hungary that offered help by sending military supplies.

02. Ammunition storage site of Puck’s air base

In 1911 the Imperial Navy started the construction of the first naval air base on the Baltic. The chosen site was Puck, as it offered the bay’s sheltered waters and the vicinity of a railway line. Two years later a naval air squadron was set up there; it was equipped with seaplanes, which performed flight operations against the Russian navy and its ports.

03. Mrzezino: Cemetery of World War II victims

A monument and cemetery of German and Russian soldiers that died in this area in armed clashes during World War II are located at the southern entrance to Mrzezino village. 124 Red Army soldiers, as well as German soldiers that died in the battles of Gdynia and Oksywie in March 12th-28th 1945, were buried in nine mass graves.

04. Starzyński Dwór: Memorial to Soviet soldier-prisoner of war

A unique memorial to a Red Army soldier, unarmed and war-weary, is located in the village of Starzyński Dwór. The monument shows a bent, larger than life-size figure of a Red Army soldier that is sitting in a raggedy greatcoat, his head dropped and his face hard.

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