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Puck which is located on a quiet, clean, shallow and warm water reservoir of the Bay of Puck, separated from the high seas with a 35km stretch of the Hel Peninsula provide excellent conditions for water sports.
Puck is the center of modern sport infrastructure with professional sport pitches, sports stadium, playgrounds, parks and green areas. Marina with yacht port, pier, beach playgrounds, sailing training center or a fishing port present everyone with what they are looking for. This is where the prestigious competition at world and European championship level are held, Olympians and the international sailing elite trains here. Breeziness of land provides optimum performance to sailors, kitesurfers and windsurfers. In winter the object becomes a haven for fast ice boats.
Puck and its area is full of tourist trails: hiking, automotive, bike (Seaside Cycle Route - Puck - Swarzewo - Władysławowo - Chałupy - Kuźnica - Jastarnia - Jurata - Hel) and water.

St. Peter and Paul's church in Puck, the landmark of the town

The Gothic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, known colloquially “Fara”, the oldest building of the town, dating from the XII / XIII century. The Church is an object on the Pomeranian Cistercian Route.

The yacht harbour in Puck

It is an extremely attractive and modern sports and recreation facility with unique and picturesque location. It is placed in one of the most attractive part of the town. In the harbour boats, yachts, sails and participants of international regattas can be seen.

The pier in Puck

The Pier is an extension of Linden Avenue, a favorite place for strolling. It offers a view of Puck’s ports, beaches, windmills and the Hel Peninsula. On the pier there is a restaurant with original circular shape.

The Fishing Port in Puck

It is a harbour for fishingboats and yachts with modern social facilities for fishermen. There is also a post commemorating the historical event of 1920. - Poland’s Wedding to the Sea. Each year on May fishing competition called Belonada takes place here. Each year on June there is indulgence service preceded by a traditional boat pilgrimage from ports of the Hel Peninsula.

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