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Puck - Kashubian town on the Small Sea

Puck is becoming the coastal tourist centre, while maintaining its unique Kashubian flavour. Here one can take advantage of all open sea attractions offered by the Baltic Sea without the nuisances of the tourist hubbub. Puck, situated in the Northern Kashubia called Norda, plays the role of the region's center. Its attractive location on the edge of Puck Hillock cliff, clean, calm and warm basin of Bay of Puck, separated from the open sea by a section of Hel Peninsula as well as climatic values and perfect conditions for water sports - all are the great assets of Puck.

The town develops and gets ever more beautiful. New professional sports fields, children playgrounds, parks and green areas are being built. The yacht port facilities meet world standards. The curts and pitches can be used both by amateurs for recreational games and professional players for training.

Yacht port, a picturesquely situated modern sports and recreational facility is one of the most beautiful spots in the town. The yacht port offers splendid conditions for water sports. Situated in a windy area, it guarantees optimal conditions for sailors, windsurfers and kitesurfers. It's a venue of prestigious world and European champonship level competitions, Olimpians and world yachting elite improve there  their skills. In winter it is a heaven for quick iceboating. The Puck Peninsula makes a horizon line that separates blue sky and the water surface of Bay of Puck. It's an ideal place not only for water sports lovers but also for enthusiasts of wonderful views of taking pictures. There are also lots of other attractions in Puck, such as revitalised 19th century market square an the Gothic brick parish church. Tourists can have a stroll on the pier and coastal promenade or ride a bike on the biker's path going along the Bay as well as sporting complex.

Every year in May Puck is the venue of "Belonada" that is the interational contest in garfish fishing and at the end of June - of Maritime Boat Pilgrimage of Fishermen to St. Peter and St. Paul fair.