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Lighthouse Route


The Lighthouse on Hel



Lighthouse in Hel





The lighthouse is located almost at the very tip of the Hel Peninsula. After the war, for many years it was closed for the public as a "strategic object". Since August 1, 1994, it is available for exploring during the season. It can be assumed that in the 13th century a harbor and a lighthouse were built on Hel. Confirmed sources point out the existence of the lighthouse for 1638. After a fire that destroyed the lighthouse in 1667, it was rebuilt in the form of a crane. At the end of the arm a boiler for a tar or a coal basket was put. In August 1827 light was set on the brick tower of the lighthouse at the height of 41.7 meters. Since 1938 the electric light was present on Hel. Polish troops defending Hel in 1939 blew it up. The current lighthouse in the shape of an octagonal tower of red, brick of 41.5 m hight was built in 1942. If the weather is fine, you can see harbors and hills of the Tri-City from the lighthouse.


Height of tower - 41.5 m (red octagonal tower with gallery),

height of light above water - 40.8 m,

range of light - 17 mm,

light characteristics - (isophas) ​​light 5 s, interval 5 s, duration 10 s,

An optical system consisting of a two-way changer with 1000W bulbs and a cylindrical Fresnel lens.


Lighthouse in Jastarnia




 The current lighthouse was built in 1950 on the site of a lighthouse destroyed during World War II. It is a metal cylinder, mounted on a concrete base, painted in red and white stripes. It is not open to the public, but it is worth seeing the lowest of the Polish lanterns.     


Height of the lighthouse: 13.3 m     

Height of light: 22 m n.p.m.     

Light range: 15 Nm     

Geographical position: width 54 ° 42'06 "N; Length 18 ° 41'05 "E



Lighthouse in Rozewie






Lighthouse in Rozewie, became a monument in 1972. This lighthouse is located about 3 km from the center of Jastrzębia Góra, at the road leading to Władysławowo. It consists of two parts: the first, having the shape of a wide, truncated cone and the other standing on it.

Its light occur every 3 seconds and are visible from a distance of 23.4 nautical miles. To this day, the light warns seamen of deep-lying rocks and coastal shoals.

There is a Museum of Lighthouses located in the building of the lighthouse in Rozewie. It presents the evolution of lighthouses from ancient times to the present, models of several Polish lighthouses and their locations, and many other valuable exhibits.

There is Stefan Żeromski Chamber of Remembrance, located in the lighthouse in Rozewie. It is said that here Stefan Żeromski wrote "Wind from the sea". On the square at the lighthouse is the bust of the writer.



 Lighthouse Stilo



The Stilo lighthouse is located five kilometers from the village of Stilo, also called Osetnik and 10 km east of Leba. It has a very characteristic shape of a 16-sided base. At the top of the lighthouse there are two observation and lantern galleries, which can not be accessed. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a very modern for that time. The technique of construction - steel elements bolted together is perfectly visible inside the building. The lantern is painted in three distinctive stripes - black at the bottom, white in the middle, and red at the top. Next to the tower is a cottage with lanterns.     


Height of the lighthouse: 33.4 m     

Height of light: 75 m n.p.m.     

Light range: 23 Mm     

Geographical position: width 54 ° 47'18 "N; length 17 ° 44'11 "E