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Worth seeing




1. The Lighthouse in Hel

2. The Seal Aquarium in Hel

3. The Fshing Port and yacht harbour in Hel

4. The Fishieries Museum in Hel

5. The Museum of Coastal Defence in Hel

6. The Lighthouse in Jastarnia

7. The Open Air Museum of the Jastarnia Resistance Center fortification from 1939

8. The Fisherman's Cottage from 1881 and Church in Jastarnia

9. The fishing and yacht harbour in Jastarnia

10. The fishing harbour in Kuźnica

11. The Cycling road

12. The Fishing Port and yacht harbour in Wladyslawowo

13. „Hallerówka” - gen. Haller's house

14. The Lighthouse in Rozewie

15. Chłapowski Gorge

16. The Fisherman House in Władysławowo

17. The Sports Stars Avenue in Wladyslawowo

18. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Swarzewo

19. The Fishing Port in Puck

20. The pier in Puck

21. The yacht harbour in Puck

22. The Seal Hunter Settlement Culture Park in Rzucewo

23. The John III Sobieski Castle in Rzucewo

24. The Below Palace in Slawutowko

25. Beka Nature Reserve

26. The Sobieski Lime Alley in Rzucewo

27. Marshal Jozef Pilsudski National Hall of Honor in Rewa

28. The nature reserve of the Gray Heron in Mosty

29. Mechelinki Meadows Nature Reserve

30. The image of Mother of God in the sanctuary in Wejherowo

31. Wejherowo Calvary – 25 chapels

32. Nordic Walking Park Wejherowo

33. Park and Palace Complex in Wejherowo

34. Town Hall in Wejherowo

35. Kashubian Philharmonic Hall – Wejherowo Cultural Center

36. The Wieniawa Hotel Palace in Rekowo Górne

37. Beeches of Darżlubie (Darzlubskie Buki) Nature Reserve

38. The place of martyrdom in Piasnica

39. Czarna Woda(Black Water) Seepage Spring Area Nature Reserve

40. Mechowo Caves

41. The parish church from 1742 in Mechowo

42. St. Peter and Paul's church in Puck, the landmark of the town

43. The parish church in Starzyno from 1649

44. The relics of the former Cistercian farm in Starzynski Dwor

45. The burial mounds from the 8th-6th centuries in Mieroszyno

46. The bike route: Swarzewo – Krokowa

47. The bike route: Mechowo – Jastrzebia Gora

48. The cliff in Jastrzebia Gora

49. The Northern Star Obelisk in Jastrzebia Gora

50. Bielawskie Swamp (Bielawskie Blota) Nature Reserve

51. The Castle in Krokowa

52. Green Nature Reserve

53. The Manor in Lisewo

54. Widowo Nature Reserve

55. The fishing harbour in Debki

56. Kayak trail down Piaśnica River

57. Church and Convent Complex in Zarnowiec

58. The Piasnica Meadows Nature Reserve

59. The stud in Bialogora

60. Bialogora Nature Reserve

61. Babnica Nature Reserve

62. The Royal Fern Nature Reserve

63. „Szesc Debow” Manor in Prusewo (Six Oaks Manor)

64. The Manor in Bychowo

65. The Open Air Museum in Nadole

66. Gniewino Sports Center

67. Four marinas on the Zarnowieckie Lake

68. The Complex „Kaszubskie Oko”/Kashubian Eye in Gniewino

69. Breeding cactus - the largest collection in Poland

70. Ocean Park in Wladyslawowo

71. Ostrich farm in Kniewo

72. Marine hostel and tourist information point in Swarzewo

73. Kłanino Palace