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Hikers are recommended to try marked trails. Depending on the condition and desire, you can choose a short walk, for example from Puck to Rzucewo or from Kuznica to Jurata, or a more serious expedition - from Jastarnia through Wladyslawowo to Puck, or from Puck to Wejherowo. A unique opportunity to test atypical conditions is the annual Herring March. On the 10-kilometer trail from Kuznica to Rewa participants swim across deep water sectors or walk along the shallow water. The annual event is gaining popularity.


Here are the HIKING TRAILS:


“Nadmorski” - Seaside trail (blue): "Rozewski" and "Rybacki" - length 28, 1 km and 25.7 km: Krokowa - Ostrowo - Jastrzębia Góra - Rozewie - Wladyslawowo - Chałupy - Kuznica - Jastarnia - Jurata.

“Swarzewski” Swarzewo trail (yellow), 10 km trail: Wladyslawowo from Kashubian Heroes street - Swarzewo - Gniezdzewo (shore) - Puck meadows - Puck.

The trail of the Kashubian Point (red)- length 15 km: Bialogora - Piasnica river mouth - Zarnowiec.

The trail of "Mechowo Caves" (black): length 29 km: Krokowa - Karlikowo - Devil's Stone (Diabelski Kamien) - Mechowo - Darzlubie - Polczyno - Puck.

The trail of the Darzlubska Forest (green) - 38 km long: Krokowa - Letowice - Devil's Stone (Diabelski Kamien) - Odargowo - Zarnowiec - Sobienczyce - Lubocino – Dobre Lake - Piasnica – Reda River valley - Wejherowo. An interesting 38.3 km trail leading through the western part of the Darzlubska Forest, on the border of the Puck and Wejherowo districts. It starts at the railway station in Wejherowo, leads towards the forest lodge of Miga, then enters the forest leaving behind Pradolina Reda. After about 10 km it reaches the Piasnica Forests. From the monument of the victims of Fascism we go about 1 km asphalt road to Piasnica Wielka, then turn into the forest. After 4 km we are at the Dobre Lake. At the edge of the forest we travel through Sobieńczyce to Żarnowiec. On the left you can see the highest part of Kępa Pucka with Castle Hill (95 meters above the level of the sea). From Żarnowiec we go to Krokowa, passing Odargowo on the way. The trail is also available for cyclists.

The trail of the edge of Pucka Clump (blue) has a length of 32 km: Wejherowo - Połchowo - Mrzezino - Beka Reserve - Osłonino - Rzucewo - Neolithic settlement - Rozgard - Puck.

The Wejherowski trail is located in the Trojmiasto Landscape Park, in forests south of Wejherowo. It leads from Sopot Kamienny Potok through Gdynia, Chwarzno, Gacyn, Piekielko - Bieszkowice, Wygodę, Borowo, Wyspowo, Mlynki to Wejherowo. Its length is 55 km. Going on a trip along the route from Bieszkowice to Wejherowo, you can find some very interesting water ponds and lakes like: Zawiat, Bieszkowice, Wygoda, Rabowka, Borowo and Wyspowo.

“On the edge of Pucka Clump” - blue color. A trail of 33.2 km runs through the edge of Pucka Clump: through Rzucewo, Oslonino and further Mrzezino, Rekowo, to Wejherowo Forests. Forest roads dominate, and only a few trails lead through local roads. On the route, there are several attractive forest camping sites. Being in Rzucewo, besides the Below family Palace, we can see the Archaeological Park of Prehistoric Seal Hunters. Natural values consist of coastal landscapes; the "Beka" water bird sanctuary at Oslonino near the mouth of the Reda River and the forest complex of the Darzlubska Forest.

Zagorska Struga Route - black color. The length of the route is 56 km and leads from Gdynia Hill of St. Maximilian through Piekielko, Rumia to Wejherowo. The trail runs mainly through the forests, situated on the edge of the Gdansk Upland, between Rumia and Wejherowo. The route varies in height, so during the hike the tourists will be climbing a lot. The route starts and ends in the two largest valleys, the first is the Zagorska Struga Valley, the second is the Cedron Valley. An unquestionable attraction of this section of the route is the 350-year-old Kalwaria Wejherowska, one of Pomerania's largest sacred monuments trails. During the trek you can visit 17 of the 26 Calvary Chapels. These objects, apart from their sacral weight, are the pearls of Baroque architecture. There is no shortage of interesting nature monuments. You can spot larch with, five-meter-perimeter and a 11-meter-perimeter stone called the "Circle of the killed Raisin".