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Ocean Park in Wladyslawowo

Ocean Park in Wladyslawowo offers meeting with the biggest whales, fearsome sharks, giant turtles and dolphins, cheerful orcs and forty other sea animals.

The Northern Star Obelisk in Jastrzebia Gora

The Star of North in Jastrzebia Gora is a stone obelisk that marks the extreme tip of North of Poland defined in 2000 by scientific survey. Geographical location: 54o50'11 "

The cliff in Jastrzebia Gora

The slopes of the cliff are overgrown with a beech forest. Forest gloom contrasts strongly with the brightness of the square near the lighthouse. Trees growing around disturb the view from the balcony of the lighthouse, but were not cut because of the age of 160 years. Slopes of the cliff, overgrown with beech forests, are under protection since 1957 Nature reserve "Rozewie Cape", occupies 12.15 ha.


Władysławowo municipality comprises eight areas: Chałupy, Władysławowo, Chłapowo, Rozewie, Jastrzębia Góra, Tupadły, Ostrowo and Karwia.
Interesting places, picturesque scenery, 28 km of sandy beaches, beautifully diversified coastline, clean air filled with the smell of coastal pines - these are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit our municipality.
If you love blissful sunbathing, you are passionate about water sports, you always wanted to go fishing cod, you dream of seeing a storm with your own eyes, or instead of the classical sightseeing you prefer to explore new places while cycling - Władysławowo is perfect for you. If you prefer, in turn, spending time in peace and quiet, take a holiday off peak.
Numerous cultural events, in close contact with the Kashubian culture, delicious regional meals made not only of fish and residents’ cordiality will allow you to spend time in the extraordinary way and leave you with unforgettable memories.

The Fisherman House in Władysławowo

The house was built in the style of socialist realism in the years 1953-1957. Primarily it was a hotel for fishermen. It is located at the end of the General Haller street. Currently it is the headquarter of the Town Hall and a butterfly museum. The Fisherman's House tower is a landmark and the picturesque landscapes of the town, the Baltic Sea, the Hel Peninsula and the Bay of Puck can be seen from it.

The Sports Stars Avenue in Wladyslawowo

Is a representative town promenade which can be admired since 2000. Each year, during the Sport Festival, new stars are being exposed, to commemorate famous athletes.

Chłapowski Gorge

The gorge is called by Kashubians “Rudnik”. Chłapowo Valley is a nature reserve occupying 24.83 hectares. One should stay here and walk down by 250 meters gorge to the beach. The Picturesque valley beauty of untouched nature can be admired and unique fauna and flora, such as sea buckthorn, campanula rotundifolia, juniper, broom, feral fruit trees.

The Lighthouse in Rozewie

The Lighthouse in Rozewie is a monument since 1972. The lighthouse is located approximately 3 km from the center of Jastrzębia Góra, by the road to Wladyslawowo. Tickets: 8 PLN for adult, 5 zł – for students.

„Hallerówka” - gen. Haller's house

Is a wooden building of the 20's of XX century, in which general Haller and his family spent holidays before World War II. Since 1990, one can visit the small exhibition dedicated to general.

The Fishing Port and yacht harbour in Wladyslawowo

The Fishing port was built between 1935-1938 and is one of the largest in the Baltic Sea. In 1952 the harbour was named Wladyslawowo to commemorate the wartime fort built here in the seventeenth century by King Wladislaw IV.

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